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7 Days to Great Sleep
Get Access to Our Entire Library for Less than $5 a Month
Dear Friend,

It’s been four days since the 7 Days to Great Sleep event ended, and we hope you’re starting to fall asleep faster, get higher quality sleep, and have insightful dreams.

Just in case you missed some of the event, we wanted to make sure you knew that you can still listen to it all in the Hay House Unlimited Audio App whenever it’s convenient for you.

Many of you have told us that you'd love to become an app subscriber, but the monthly cost wasn't working for you. So, we wanted to let you know about a super-affordable, super-convenient payment optionjust $59 FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!
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The annual subscription rate is our most popular … and for good reason. For $59 per year (that breaks down to $4.92 per month!), you'll get unlimited, uninterrupted access to our entire audio library at half the cost of the monthly option.

And even better? You still get a 14-day free trial to begin with to see if it's right for you!
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Don’t worry—your free trial is 100% risk-free. We’ll send you a handy reminder email before your trial period ends, so you can decide to cancel if it’s not for you—and you won’t be charged a cent.

Remember, if you love the app as much as we think you will and you stick around after your free trial, you’ll get unlimited access to our entire audio library for $59 for the year (just $4.92 per month).
So ... why not spend the next two weeks exploring audios to help you sleep better, relax more, and ultimately live your best life?
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Wishing You a Peaceful Night’s Sleep,
Your Friends at Hay House
*Free trials are subject to specific terms, outlined here. Hay House reserves the right to determine eligibility for free trials; specifically, customers who have previously redeemed a free trial may not redeem another free trial in the future.
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