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Dear lizzi,

One of the fantastic things about our Writer’s Workshop events is that they help us to meet amazing authors who perhaps don’t have an established online presence or strong media profile. One such author is Kelly McDaniel, who is a licensed professional counsellor with over 30 years’ experience. She’s a pioneer in her field and specializes in treating women who experience addictive relational patterns. Kelly is the first clinician to identify ‘Mother Hunger’ as an attachment injury.
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Kelly won one of the US Writer’s Workshop competitions. As my US colleagues read those entries and decide on a winner, I hadn’t come across Kelly’s book, Mother Hunger, until I saw it appear on the schedule of titles to be published. I was really intrigued by the concept and then noticed that several other international publishers were buying the translation rights for Kelly’s book, so they could publish her words in their own languages.
Mother Hunger with Kelly McDaniel
As I read Kelly’s material, I became fascinated. I can’t recall another book exploring the loss that women feel if there’s a gap in the primary relationship with their mother in such a profound way. As Kelly says: ‘Healing begins with knowing and naming what we are missing’. Mother Hunger aims to give women a compass to end this struggle – which so often manifests in feeling unloved, overeating or starving, unstable moods or painful relationships – and ultimately find the way to come home to themselves.
Mother Hunger with Kelly McDaniel
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I’m not alone in being really excited by the material in Kelly’s book – our author Nancy Levin says: ‘I honestly cannot remember a time I have resonated with anything as much as I do Mother Hunger. If you’re drawn to this book – trust it!’. I think this is smart advice. If you do feel Mother Hunger may aid you, please take a look at the video above for more information.

Michelle Pilley
Managing Director and Publisher, Hay House UK
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