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Dear Friend,

Since we have been spending more time here in Idaho, we decided to get a mailbox at a UPS store in town so we could receive mail and packages.

The first time I went into the UPS store this year, it was busy. The worker behind the counter was overwhelmed and being a bit short with me and some of the customers.

At first, I was a little upset with the poor customer service, but then I remembered something I observed Wayne Dyer do many times. When he encountered someone like a waiter or store employee who was being a bit difficult or unfriendly, he would take on the challenge of trying to turn their attitude around.

In fact, Wayne used to love it when a restaurant server started out tough because it gave him the opportunity to lighten their mood in the hour or so he spent eating his meal.

So, I made it my mission to turn this person around and make her my friend. No matter what her attitude was towards me every time I went into the store, I had a big smile and was very nice to her. I would help her move boxes, always thanked her for all her assistance, told her not to worry about the wait, etc.

After going into the store every day for a week or so, I recognized that her attitude towards me was starting to change. She started calling me Reid and tried to remember my box number (which she now knows).

I learned her name was Joy and she was a retired school teacher. Her partner was stuck in Germany due to Covid, and she was struggling to find enough employees to help her with the store. All of this was adding to her stress. Plus, in this small town, things get so much busier in the summer months when everyone is visiting their homes and using her services more.

Now she and I have a great relationship and her service could not be better.

Thank you, Wayne.

The next time you encounter a food server, store employee, or another person who happens to be tough to deal with, think of Wayne Dyer and make it your mission to change their attitude. It will make you feel good, and it will make them feel better as well.

Have a great week ahead.

Wishing You the Best,
Reid Tracy
CEO, Hay House
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