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Dear Jas,

When it comes time for me to write this newsletter, I often don’t have a clear idea about what I’m going to write. So, I sit down and meditate for 15 to 20 minutes and an idea almost always appears.

Today, when I got my inspiration, it reminded me of the Esther Hicks/Abraham book Ask and It Is Given, which is just so applicable. I ask for help with a newsletter idea and bam! It is given right to me.

Louise Hay always used to do everything based on what she called her “Inner Ding.” Everyone who knew Louise knew that if her inner ding said “no” to something, there was absolutely no way Louise would consider doing it.

I remember getting so frustrated with Louise and her inner ding. I would think I had an amazing opportunity for Louise, and she would say, “Let me meditate on it,” and then say no. Or, I would ask Louise if she was sure she wanted to do something that I felt wasn’t right, and she would say “Yes, I have meditated on it, and my ‘inner ding’ says to do it.”

I would think to myself: Let me talk to your inner ding.

Today, for my You Can Heal Your Life podcast, I interviewed Dr. Lissa Rankin about her book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself. She talked about her “inner pilot light” and how she honors it no matter what—even when that inner pilot light guides her to do things that others think are foolish, like not going to the emergency room after a dog attack.

Since I have been around Louise much more than Lissa, I can tell you Louise’s inner ding was never wrong. I was always amazed that no matter how logical I thought it was for her to follow another path, her inner ding never let her down.

When I asked Louise how she learned to trust her inner ding so much, she would say she paid attention over the years to her intuition, and the more she trusted it, the more she was guided to do the right thing. After so long, she learned to trust that more than anything else.

For me, I’m starting to trust my intuition more and more. I can’t say I trust it as much as Louise did, but I trust it 1,000 times more than I did 30+ years ago when I joined Hay House as a 25-year-old accountant.

Let’s make this the week we ask our intuition for guidance … and trust it. And maybe you should even think about naming it so, just like Louise, we can say my inner ding told me to do it. 😊

Wishing You the Best,
Reid Tracy
CEO, Hay House

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