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Dear Frieda,

Last week my wife Kristina and I took my son Dane to college in Bozeman, Montana, where he is attending Montana State University (MSU).

We arrived with a truckload of Dane’s stuff, and within in an hour or two, we had him all moved in to the dorm. As I was making trips up and down the elevator, delivering the boxes for Dane and Kristina to unload, I was thinking about how lucky Dane was to be starting this incredibly exciting chapter.

A new school in a new city … Dane has an opportunity that most of us only get a few times in life (if at all)—the chance to completely remake yourself and start a whole new life. Dane only knows two or three people who attend MSU but none of them are close friends, so he really will be building a brand-new friend base with none of the baggage of the past.

There is no one thinking Dane is like this or that or remembering things that happened when he was still a kid. And that’s the way it is for all of the 4,000 or so incoming MSU freshmen.

Already, Dane has met dozens of new people. He swam in the river, went fishing, and attended class –all with different groups of students. And this was all in the first week.

These new friends are getting their first impressions of him, and he is getting his first impression of them. Nothing that has happened in the past is relevant. It’s a clean slate.

I am so excited for Dane’s new adventure, and it got me thinking. Even though most of us probably aren’t interested in going away to college to start over, there are still ways for us to reinvent ourselves, to change things that aren’t working for us, and to feel that “fresh start” feeling. I hope you’ll think about trying something new and maybe meeting some new people in the weeks ahead.

Kristina and I drove through Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park on the way home. It took us an extra four hours but was totally worth it. It was the first time we had both been through the Grand Teton National Park, and it was absolutely gorgeous.

I realized that I’m usually in too much of a hurry to get back to work to take one of these detours (even though Kristina is always up for them), so this time I shocked her by saying “Yes, let’s do it.”

I guess I was just feeling like trying something new after dropping Dane off for his new adventure.

Hope you all find a new adventure soon, too.

Wishing You the Best,

Reid Tracy
CEO, Hay House
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