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Dearest Global Family,

Hello and welcome to the Spring 2017 edition of Bridging Science, Spirituality, and the Real Word, my one and only official newsletter!

Just when we thought that the world couldn’t get any crazier than the roller coaster ride that began last Spring, it has! (See Quarter 1 Newsletter 2016) To recap, in just the first few weeks of 2016, we witnessed the world struggling to embrace the tragedy of 13.5 million refugees resulting from the civil war in Syria, entire economies reeling from oil discounted to 50% of the price it was only months before, and so many record-setting rainstorms, floods, wildfires and draughts that they quickly became too numerous to mention. So in the first weeks of 2017, with the impact of the recent election that has divided families, communities and our nation just beginning, I wanted to start off this year with some really good news. So here it is: The Good News Is That There’s a Lot of Good News!

The Good News!
Though it’s often drowned out by the noise of the media machine that spins our attention to the crisis of the day, the good news exists nonetheless. So let’s begin with the headline of the news itself: The simple truth is that our biggest problems are already solved!

We already have all of the solutions—all of the technological solutions—to the biggest problems that we face as families, communities, and nations.

Contrary to the thinking that we need to gather the scientists, engineers, spiritual teachers, and political leaders of the world together in one room somewhere to figure out how to create the best world and healthiest lives possible, the good news is that it’s already happened. We’ve already created the think tanks, brain trusts, and policy centers to achieve precisely such goals, and began doing so over a century ago. And these institutions have found answers!

From the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace that was founded in 1910 specifically to hasten the abolition of international war, to the Tellus Institute, founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1976 specifically “to advance the transition to a sustainable, equitable, and humane global civilization” the framework is already in place to identify options for developing a globalized world. The current focus of the Tellus Institute’s research, for example, is to use advanced scientific techniques to identify possible scenarios for humankind’s future. This includes the search to identify a future that’s sustainable and equitable, and the policies, actions, and choices to get us there.

The point I want to make here is that we’ve already done the work. We’ve identified the big solutions and we already know what’s possible when it comes to addressing problems such as food security, abundant energy, sustainable economies, and a health consciousness based upon self-healing. And it’s a good thing that we have these solutions now, because we certainly don’t want to wait until the moment they’re needed to begin the search to find them. Let’s take a high-level look at some of the solutions I’m talking about, so you have a sense of what I mean here.

We already have the food we need. We already have all of the food that we need to feed every mouth of every child, woman, and man on the face of the Earth today. According to the United Nations World Food Program, barring an extreme and unforeseen event, such as an asteroid colliding with the earth or a global nuclear war, “There is enough food in the world today for everyone to have the nourishment necessary for a healthy and productive life.” The lack of food is not the reason that there are approximately 870 million hungry people in the world, amounting to more than the combined populations of the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

What’s lacking is the leadership that makes it a priority to get the food (that we already have) to the places where it’s needed most. To be clear, I’m not suggesting that it needs to be American leadership, or the top-down leadership of any single country. What I am saying is that it’s the acceptance of the current thinking that makes the tragedy of starvation possible in a world where food is abundant. The technology to get that food where it’s needed already exists.

We already have the energy we need. We already have the technology to bring electricity into the home of every family on the face of the Earth, using clean, green, sustainable energy that emits ZERO greenhouse gasses. We’ve had the technology since the mid-20th century. In addition to the conventional renewables of solar, wind, hydro and geothermal, we have the knowledge to build the next generation of power based upon infinite or “free” energy. The principles for such energy were discovered over a century ago and are the focus of scientists seeking next-generation alternatives to fossil fuels today. Once again, it’s the thinking in our lives that has yet to catch up with what’s available in the world that prevents us from enjoying the benefit of such advanced technology.

We already have new forms of economies based upon sharing rather than scarcity. A new kind of business is emerging. And it transcends the historic model for business that’s been based in the products or resources needed by one person being owned by someone else. The new model is based upon what’s been called a peer-to-peer or a sharing-based economy. A sharing-based economy challenges the traditional ideas of ownership and relies on shared production or consumption by the same people that are using the service. In this way the need for hurtful competition and hoarding of what’s valued no longer makes sense.

The non-corporate taxi services of Uber and Lyft, and the non-corporate hotel alternative of Airbnb, are examples of the new sharing economy. While the nuances of how these new models operate are still hotly debated, the bottom line is that they’ve emerged from the very people that are using them, and have created a welcome source of income in difficult economic times.

The Silent Crisis
When we see examples of solutions, such as in the preceding paragraphs, and realize that we already have them, there’s a single question that commonly comes to mind. I hear this question from live audiences throughout the world. The question is this: Where are these solutions today? Why don’t we see them in our local communities? Why don’t we see them on the global stage? The answer to these questions often surprises my audiences. It’s about a silent crisis—a crisis that’s seldom acknowledged, yet it remains, like an invisible wall between us and every one of the good news solutions that we could be benefiting from today.

➡️ Our silent crisis is a crisis of thinking.

We have yet to shift the thinking in our personal, and collective, lives that makes room for the solutions in our world. When we consider this, it makes perfect sense. How can we embrace the new ideas and new solutions in our lives, if we’re clinging to the old ideas and solutions of the past? Put another way, how can we make room for the new world in our minds and in our hearts if we’re filled up with the images, emotions, and expectations of the familiar world from the past?

The greatest crisis we face as individuals and as a society is a crisis of thinking—the way we think of ourselves, one another, and our relationship to the world.

New Thinking Begins With Us: Who Are We?
We live our lives, choose our relationships, heal our bodies and embrace new scientific discoveries based upon the way we think of ourselves—the way we answer a single question. That question is simply “Who are we?” Our answer to this question speaks directly to the core of every challenge that will ever test us in life, no matter how big or how small. It’s at the heart of every choice we’ll ever face, and it forms the foundation for every decision we’ll ever make. And in what may be the greatest irony of our lives, following 5,000 years of recorded history and technological achievements that stagger the imagination, the best science of the modern world has yet to answer this most basic question with certainty.

In the presence of the greatest technological advancements of the modern world, science still cannot answer the most fundamental question of our existence: Who are we?

Why It Matters
Our answer to “Who are we?” penetrates to the essence of each moment of our lives. It forms the perceptual eyes—the filters—through which we see other people, the world around us, and most importantly, ourselves. For example, when we think of ourselves as separate from our bodies, we approach the healing process feeling like powerless victims of an experience that we have no control over. Conversely, recent discoveries confirm that when we approach life knowing that our bodies are designed to constantly repair, rejuvenate, and heal, this shift in perspective creates the chemistry in our cells that mirrors our belief.

Our self-esteem, our self-worth, our sense of confidence, our wellbeing, and our safety stem directly from the way we think of ourselves in the world. From who we say yes to when it comes to choosing a life partner, and how long our relationships last once we create them, to what jobs we feel worthy of performing, the most important decisions we’ll ever make in life are based in the way we answer the simple, timeless question “Who are we?”

On a more spiritual level, our answer creates the foundation for the way we view our relationship with God. It even justifies our thinking when it comes to trying to save a human life, and when we choose to end one.

The way we think of ourselves is reflected in what we teach our children as well. When their delicate sense of self-worth is threatened by relentless bullying from rivals and classmates, for example, it’s their answer to “Who am I?” that gives them the strength to heal their hurt. It can even make the difference between when they feel worthy of living, and when they don’t.

On a larger scale, the way we think of ourselves determines the policies of corporations and nations that either justify the dumping of 12 million-plus tons of used plastic and thousands of gallons of radioactive waste in the world’s oceans each year or show we cherish the living oceans enough to invest in preserving them.

Even the choice of how countries create the borders to separate them, and how our governments justify sending armies across those borders onto the land, and into the homes of the people of another nation begins with the way we view ourselves as people. When we think about it, our answer to the most basic question “Who are we?” is at the core of everything we do and defines all that we cherish.

It’s precisely because the way we think of ourselves plays such a vital role in our lives, that we owe it to ourselves to explain who we are and where we came from as truthfully and honestly as possible. This includes taking into consideration every source of information available to us, from the leading edge science of today to the wisdom of 5,000 years of human experience. This also includes changing the existing story when new discoveries give us the reasons to do so.

New discoveries ranging from human evolution and genetics to the new science of neuro-cardiology (the bridge between the brain and the heart) have overturned 150 years of thinking when it comes to the way we see ourselves in the world. Now we know that we’re intentionally “wired” for extraordinary capabilities that have appeared rare and mystical in the past. We also know that each person has a unique key that unlocks their personal code of abilities. The best science of today paves the way to do just that, and leads us directly to deep intuition and direct knowing on-demand, pre-cognition (knowing future events before they happen), “hot-line” access to healthy subconscious beliefs, the triggering of a super-enhanced immune system, the awakening of anti-aging hormones, and much, much more!

From fossils and gravesites, to brain size and DNA, the existing scientific evidence is already solving the mystery of “Who are we?”. It’s already telling us our new story. The key is that we must first think differently about ourselves in order to accept what the story reveals. I’ve designed every seminar, television special, on-line course and extended retreat in 2017 as an invitation to do just that!

By allowing new discoveries to lead to the new stories they tell, rather than forcing them into a predetermined framework of ideas, we may, at last, answer the most important questions of our existence.

Join Me In 2017!
The recent discoveries that I mention above echo the core principles of our most advanced science and our most ancient and cherished spiritual traditions. They confirm that we’re deeply connected with our bodies, with one another, and the world. It’s these discoveries, and our ability to apply them in our everyday lives, that give us the reasons to be optimistic about our world, and empower us to thrive in everyday life. From now into the Spring of 2018 I’ll be featuring these discoveries in the following programs:
  • Wired To Thrive: An Extended Format On-line Course:
    • An all-new, multi-week, on-line course from Hay House, filmed in high definition on a beautiful stage, in front of a live international audience, that encapsulates my 30 years of research, exploration and discovery to answer the deepest questions of our existence. From the monasteries of Tibet and Egypt to the shamans of Mexico and the Andes Mountains of Peru, this is the most complete program that I have to date, allowing me to merge the latest discoveries of leading-edge science with the timeless wisdom of our past. The focus of this course is how the marriage of new science and ancient spiritual traditions holds the key, and the techniques, to thrive in our everyday lives and most intimate relationships. Available as an on-line course immediately.

  • Missing Links: A New Television Miniseries:
    • An all-new, 14-week mini series produced by GAIA (formerly GAIAM) that allows me to share the scientific discoveries that have now overturned 150 years of scientific thinking when it comes to us – to you and me – and the way we think about ourselves, one another, and the world. From undeniable evidence of advanced civilizations dating back into the last ice age, and even before, to the way we think about other people and their cultures, their religions and beliefs and even the way we view disease and immortality, there’s a new story that’s emerging. In the first episode I ask my viewers “how can we thrive in the new normal that’s already here unless we’re honest with ourselves about that story and what it’s showing us?” And that’s where this series comes in! Missing Links is all about the new discoveries that you’re just not seeing in traditional mainstream media, what those discoveries are telling us and what they mean in our lives. For a sneak peek at the first episode.

  • From Cell to Soul Retreat
    • Our March 2016 the pilot program for Cell To Soul sold out so quickly, had a wait list so long, and was so successful that I offered it again in November of the same year. This time, the program had attendees from 12 countries, once again with a growing wait list. With the support of my awesome and amazing team, we’ve chosen to continue offering this intimate, 4-day retreat in the Spring and Fall here in the high desert of Northern New Mexico. This Spring we’re under contract for the same world-class resort, on the same native land that hosted the previous events. This is a new and extended 4-day retreat offered with limited seating and in an intimate format that allows me to offer all 7 of the spiritual mirrors of relationship in depth, with hands-on techniques to apply ancient wisdom in everyday life, as well as research from the new books that did not make it into the final edits for publication. (For a complete description please see the Events section of my website.

  • Human By Design
    • New keynote presentation designed to quickly identify the scientific discoveries that change the way we think of ourselves, and our relationship to the world, and to experience new tools and techniques of resilience to embrace life issues in a healthy way. This full-day format provides the opportunity for direct experience of the scientific and spiritually-based techniques proven to access deep-states of intuition on-demand, trigger super learning, a super immune response, and harmonize the heart/brain relationship—the keys to extraordinary living.

  • The Special Anniversary Re-release of 3 books
    • In 2017 Hay House will re-release 3 of my most popular books: The Divine Matrix, The God Code and The Spontaneous Healing of Belief. Each of these powerful works represents one facet of my 30-year-long search to answer the question “Who are we?” Each one was a New York Times bestseller. This special release will feature a new look, with new covers and updated content.
I’m excited to share the recent discoveries of science, and the deepest truths of our lives, through our programs in 2017! Please watch the “Events” section of my website for the latest programs and locations. I look forward to seeing you there. ☺️

In gratitude,

With love,


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We’re living in a time of extremes. We have reached a point where unsustainable ways of living have caught up with us. In order to thrive in the world emerging before our lives we need to embrace a new way of thinking. New discoveries reveal our relationship to our ancient past and may hold the keys to the way we think about ourselves, one another, and our world.

Once we bridge together the links of our mysterious past and examine new scientific findings, we may finally begin to answer the most important question of all - Who Are We?

Explore the deep truths of our origin, history, destiny and fate, with Missing Links.

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Imagine how your life would change if you lived in harmony with yourself, nature and all of creation?

In her new book, Life is a Ceremony: How We Live It is the Ritual , Wind Hughes MS,LMFT, a modern-day Feminine Shaman, takes you on a journey out of the confines of the body, to the expanded reaches of spiritual experience beyond life, as we know it. Understand the Natural Law of Creation, navigate the unknown realms and learn ancient and contemporary rituals for making your life a daily ceremony. Access new tools for living with an open heart, powerfully creating the life you dream of with gratitude, grace and intent. Life is the Ceremony chronicles Wind’s personal journey through the mystical and quantum realms; by revealing how she integrated them into her personal and professional life she makes the transcendent life accessible to ALL. Become a Spiritual R-Evolutionary!

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Mar 16, 2017 – Mar 20, 2017

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From Cell to Soul: Unleashing the Power of the Uncharted Heart

Mar 30, 2017 - Apr 2, 2017

Join Gregg Braden for a powerful, transformative four days retreat in the sacred desert of New Mexico, USA, March 30 – April 2, 2017.


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Mar 16, 2017 - Mar 20, 2017 Relationship Intelligence And Wisdom Of The Heart Sedona, AZ
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Sep 16, 2017 - Sep 17, 2017 Resilience From The Heart: The Power To Thrive In Life’s Extremes Münchenstein, Switzerland
Oct 28, 2017 - Oct 29, 2017 Verso Una Nuova Consapevolezza Milano, Italy
Nov 17, 2017 From Chaos To Coherence: Thriving In A World Of Extremes Folsom, CA
What People Are Saying

"Cell to soul retreat, for me was an extraordinary experience on many different levels. Gregg Braden, with the power of his beautiful light, was able not just to help me to connect with deep levels of my heart, but also, with his skill to communicate the knowledge, I learned a lot of new material that I haven't had an access to before. Gregg's ability to connect scientific research with ancient knowledge is brilliant, in addition to his ability to communicate the knowledge in a very simple language. I'm truly fascinated and inspired with his work. I also admire his nurturing nature. The location and set up for this seminar was hand picked, and all details were carefully looked after. I had an amazing experience from all perspectives. The Tamaya resort at Sacred Native land of Santa Anna Pueblo felt very special and appropriate for this type of spiritual gathering. The magic of the nature just added an extra refinement and flavor to this whole experience. Thank you, Gregg and your whole team, for making this beautiful event happen! With love and gratitude!"

Vesna Kosec, Whitby, Ontario Canada

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