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“I return to the Basics of Life: forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love, and humor.”
Louise Hay
Hello sherry,

A couple of weeks ago, we had a meeting with our management team here at Hay House USA. We had a consultant working with us to improve our communication skills and thought patterns to help better manage our company and the 110 employees who work here.

At the end of the management meeting the consultant, Annie, asked the management team to spend four minutes telling each other how valuable they were and thank them for some of the special contributions they had toward the success of Hay House. Many of the managers were very touched as their colleagues told them the special qualities they had and how it contributed to their and Hay House's success. We definitely don't spend enough time telling people in our business life or personal lives how important they are. I believe it’s important to tell our loved ones and even our friends and co-workers what a wonderful person they are or about the good work they are doing.

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On October 8th, we will be celebrating Louise Hay's birthday. We are starting off with a lecture to honor her. All of the proceeds are going to the Hay Foundation (Louise's Charitable Foundation). Here is a link to learn more if you would like to attend.

I want to mention a lovely woman whose life’s work is telling people how much they are cherished. Sherry Richert Belul, a fan of Hay House's books and events, has a company called Simply Celebrate. She sent a letter volunteering to create a Celebration Book by her company at no charge for Louise's 90th Birthday. I hadn't yet responded to her offer and so she sent a second letter with her Love List for Hay House Publishers as you see below.
  • I love that your books have been companions on my journey for decades.
  • I love that your books guide me to become more connected to myself, to others, to the spiritual world, and to life.
  • I love your tag line, “Look Within.”
  • I love Reid’s dry sense of humor and no-nonsense communication style.
  • I love your Online Writer’s Workshop: how chock-full it is of practical tips, useful tools, and inspirational videos.
  • I love that you were there for Brendon Burchard’s “Motivation Manifesto.”
  • I love that your authors are funny, sweet, spiritual, caring, and true.
  • I love that the company was started by a woman who believed she had something valuable to offer – and she did. And continues to this day!
  • I love that at your Chicago Writer’s Conference, Carolyn Myss modeled what it is like to be a writer with focus, dedication, and hutzpah.
  • I love, “I can do it!”
  • I love that you offer so many ways to catch our attention & inspire us: books, audio books, podcasts, online musings, etc.
  • I love that whenever I simply say the words, “Hay House” to anyone I know – they instantly nod and smile.
  • I love how quickly your customer service folks respond to any question I’ve had about the online Writer’s Workshop or the live events.
  • I love that you have such a variety of authors – some lead with humor, some lead with angels, some lead with tough love – but they are all dedicated to helping readers live better lives.
  • I love that Hay House has given me so many resources to live a livelier, colorful, connected, spiritual, generous life. Thank you, Hay House!
She suggested that we do something like this for Louise's party having those attending create their Love List for Louise. I wanted to share this with you all as a wonderful idea for everyone to do for someone important in their life, whether it be for a birthday or for someone you care about. Sherry also has free Love List PDFs you can get from her company, Simply Celebrate, if you need some additional ideas or help.

For any of you who have been touched by Louise or Hay House you can send your Love List to this email address ( LoveLists@HayHouse.com ) and I will share them with Louise.

Wishing you the best,

Reid Tracy
CEO | Hay House

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You Can Heal Your Life:
A Tribute to Louise Hay On Her 90th Birthday

Oct 8, 2016 - San Diego

Join Us »
Louise Hay, born on October 8, 1926, is considered one of the founders of the self-help movement. Her work in this world teaching her positive philosophy and affirmations to create wellness in body, mind, and spirit, have helped and healed millions. Hay House and friends will come together to honor Louise and her pioneering teachings at the You Can Heal Your Life: A Tribute to Louise Hay On Her 90th Birthday! Please join us for a fantastic line up of authors speaking on Louise Hay’s philosophies.

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I Can Do It® Philadelphia
September 16-18, 2016

Join Us »
I Can Do It! 3-Day retreat in Philadelphia featuring the most inspiring and thought provoking authors of our time! Caution: This conference may cause radical changes!

Do you aspire to understand how to:
•  Unlock your infinite potential
•  Embrace your authentic self
•  Connect to past lives and receive healing messages for today
•  See clearly how obstacles help us grow into our best self
•  Foster your own innate intuitive abilities
Make choices stick- choosing food, spiritual practices, and thoughts for a healthier, happier mind, body and spirit
And so much more!

Drifting Down The River of Dreams
By Denise Linn
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Harness your dream shield with Denise Linn in this guided meditation. As you relax deeper into your inner stillness, you’ll transport to another place on this soul journey. Activate the power of the subconscious so that positive thoughts can flow through you and you become the person you have always dreamed of becoming. All is well.

Visit the Hay House Daily Meditations Facebook page for additional meditation resources.

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