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What if your ability to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle was all about how your brain is wired to respond to food … and not about your willpower?

Hay House author Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson is a psychology professor with a Ph.D. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. For sixteen years, she struggled with her relationship with food—dieting and then binging on cookie dough and then dieting (again)—and was clinically depressed.

In 2003, she discovered a solution that allowed her to shed all her excess weight and finally feel healthy. More than 17 years later, she’s still among the top 0.01% of successful weight-loss maintainers.

One day, in her morning meditation, a realization came to her. There are millions of people who could benefit from the information that changed her life (and that she was teaching to small groups in her college course, Psychology of Eating, and on a one-on-one basis).

Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson created a free video series—which starts with a free quiz—to share the truth about the psychology and neuroscience of weight loss and food freedom.

We invite you to take her quiz to find out how your brain is wired to respond to food—and then watch the video explaining how you can use this information to finally find freedom around food.

It’s time to learn how your brain has been blocking you from losing weight.
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Over the past six years, tens of thousands of people (just like you!) have joined her program from 100+ countries, and the results are jaw-dropping. On average, people lose 3 times more weight in her 8-week program than the typical results from any other available diet.

But what’s more shocking … they keep it off!
What gives this program the “stick factor” that allows it to be successful over the long term?

The difference is these people have been following a system that’s customized to how their brains work.

They started their journey by learning one crucial piece of information about how their brain is wired. They took a 30-second quiz with only 5 questions—and the rest is history. This little piece of information may very well be the game changer that alters the course of the obesity epidemic forever.

We know this may sound revolutionary—but we personally know Susan and can attest for her expertise. The results that people have experienced will blow you away.

If you are wondering why it’s so difficult to eat the foods you know are healthy, can’t figure out why you are still drawn to junk food, or need something to make it all click into place—you don’t want to miss this.
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